Please find below some of our school policies: (Draft Policies in RED)

Child Safeguarding Risk_Assessment May 2021 Review

Scoil Íde Naofa Class Splits Policy Draft 2021

Scoil Íde Naofa Intimate Care Needs and Toileting Policy draft 2021

Whole school plan Geography 2021Review

ASD Class Guidance Policy March 2021

Scoil Íde Naofa__SEN Policy Draft March 2021

Enrol Application 2022-2023

Admission-Policy-of-Scoil-Íde-Naofa-2021-22 (3)


Scoil-Íde-Naofa-Code-of-Behaviour-Sept 2020

Scoil Íde Naofa Supervision Policy 2020-2021

SPHE whole school Plan revised November 2020


Scoil Íde Naofa Critical Incident Policy 2020

Full Risk Assessment COVID 19

Covid-19 School Plan August 2020

Scoil Ide Naofa Kilmead CCTV Policy

child-safeguarding statement Jan 2020

Scoil Ide Naofa Kilmead Health & Safety Statement

Scoil Ide Naofa Kilmead Homework Policy 2017

Scoil Íde Naofa Mobile Phone Policy

Scoil Ide Naofa Kilmead Parents Complaints Procedure

Scoil-Ide-Naofa-Kilmead-Anti-Bullying-Policy (1)

The Stay Safe Programme


Exemption from irish policy 2020

Legislative and Regularative checklist 2019