Easter egg hunt 🐰🐣 

easter art 🐣

Autism awareness week activities

making krispie buns 🧁

Reading and writing 📖📝

VALentine’s Day – Love Bugs 🐞 ❤️


Africa 🐒🦒🐘🦁

Day and night

Our chriStmas Performance

Happy Christmas everyone – from Junior Infants. We hope you enjoy our little show.

Our NATIVITY scenes 

Winter artWork

Toys in the Past 🧸

The children had loads of fun playing with marbles. We are learning that toys without batteries are just as fun as modern technology games.

we are Artists 👩‍🎨🎨

Check out our Vincent Van Gogh ‘Starry Night’ paintings:

Number 2: 

This week is all about making sets of two. The two objects in each set are the same shape and colour.


Happy Halloween 🎃

Scary Halloween creatures 🕷🕸


Hibernating Hedgehogs 🦔 

Pumpkin Carving 🎃

Yoga with pamela: 

We made loads of animal shapes with our bodies including giraffe 🦒 monkey 🐒 crocodile 🐊 snake 🐍 dog 🐶 frog 🐸 . We also practiced our breathing using balloons. 🎈

Leaves 🍁 

Making patterns: 🔵🟢🔵🟢


The gruffalo:

We loved the story of the Gruffalo so much that we decided to make our own.

Play time during our first week of school:  

Welcome to junior infants 2021: