Run around Ireland challenge: 

Congratulations to all classes completing our four week ‘Run Around Ireland’ Challenge. We have calculated the laps completed by each class and found a location in Ireland corresponding to the number of laps that class ran.

Junior Infants ran to Hillsborough Castle, Co. Down.

Senior Infants ran to Rock of Cashel, Co. Tipperary.

1st Class ran to Clara Bog, Co. Offaly.

2nd Class ran to The Spire, Co. Dublin.

3rd Class ran to Powerscourt Waterfall, Co. Wicklow.

4th Class ran to Hook Lighthouse, Co. Wexford.

5th Class ran to Slieve Donard, Co. Down.

6th Class ran to Newgrange, Co. Meath.

Have a look at our map with the results:

Let’s get active – reminder from our 6th class committee members: 

Active zones on Yard:

One of the main requests from pupils and parents from our questionnaires was to provide the students with more equipment on the yard during lunch times. Senior classes are timetabled every second day for the pitch with footballs and the basketball court with basketballs. Junior classes are on the same section of yard everyday and are now provided with hula hoops, beanbags, throwing targets, skipping ropes.

Active homework:

All pupils get active homework every Thursday. The children can choose activities from any of these active homework ideas charts (or make up their own). There is a chart for each of the strands – games, dance, gymnastics, athletics, outdoor abs adventure. Have fun!

Follow this link to view the full Active Homework booklet:

Run a day Challenge

All classes are completing the ‘Run Around Ireland’ – Run a Day Challenge for 4 weeks from 26.04.2021 to 28.05.2021. Each lap we complete corresponds to 1km. We are going to calculate which national landmarks we manages to run to.

We are an active school!

All classes have discussed and chosen three ways to keep active during the month of May. These are the ideas each class came up with:

Our active school walkway launch day – 26th april 2021:

Each class had a time slot to go out and enjoy our new Active WALKWAY. We completed some activity sheets to go with the walkway. Thank you to Rang a sé for the fantastic walkway launch day poster!

Junior Infants:

Senior Infants:

1st class:

2nd Class:

3rd Class:

4th Class:

5th Class:


6th Class:


5th Class run around Ireland: 

Excited to use our new Active schools walkway:


spring walk/scaveNger Hunt in senior infants:

Easter themed Pe relay races:

Junior infants go noodle: 


We have completed our “Active Break Every Day challenge” 

1st class enjoying Active break Every day

Junior Infant and 6th Class BUDDIES having great 
fun doing their obstacle course! 



Festive fitness fun! 🎄


Active líne in full swing!

Super slogan by our active flag committEe

Skip ‘n’ rope workshop:

Fantastic work at our Skip ‘n’ Rope workshop with all classes from Junior Infants to Sixth Class!!

Our Active School Flag Committee for 2019-20!

We look forward to all the great ideas and activities the committee come up with for the year ahead!


witch’s walk: 

10@10 exercises:

Walk on Wednesday – WoW