For Space Week, we did a Space Race around the yard where we found information about the planets in the Solar System.



We raised lots of money for GOAL on our jersey day. GOAL is a really great charity that do lots of work to help people in developing countries.

We took part in a mental health workshop where we learned all about our emotions, how to regulate them and we learned about empathy. It was very interesting but also lots of fun!!!




We were so lucky to be part of an interview with the author David Walliams. He talked about where he gets his ideas from and he read out excerpts from two of his books. We really enjoyed it!



Golden Time in 5th Class is SO much fun!




We are revising the counties of Ireland and have a race to see who finishes first!



We are learning lots of Irish this year and love doing it outside!



We love STEM challenges in 5th class!





We are so excited to be back to school! We welcome Caelan to our class this year. We did some “Get to Know You” games outside in the sunshine.